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January 13, 2021

By Sarah B. Cruz

Hello my fellow healthcare colleagues! I am so excited to contribute to Nimble Prep's blog forum. This is an amazing opportunity for all of us to really create an industry presence. We must contribute to the opinions and facts of our industry. I want to know why some of us have taken this long to contribute to the hum of our industries.

So why are we here? There are a multitudes of reasons why writing and creating a presence within your industry is vital. But why is it important to you? Is it to vocalize a trend you're noticing? Are you trying to raise awareness of a frontline issue? Looking to add writing experience to your résumé? Trying to monetize your professional outlook? Listen. There are no "bad" reasons. Writing is an amazing opportunity that often goes overlooked. Why not try your hand at it?

The most common excuse I hear is, "Well, I'm not good at writing". That is a real honest assessment that I can appreciate. But it is also a limiting belief! What instance are you referring to that makes you think you aren't "good at writing?" If you are referring to the standardized testing we all had to do in school, you can throw that right out the window. I know we all post comments on social media. Even if we tend to press the "like" button more than we write, I know we are all guilty of posting SOMETHING online. That counts as writing!

The at-ease and relaxed feeling of social media posting is the mentality we can take into our writing on a blog. It is so important that our writing voice is our own voice. Authenticity and genuineness are crucial. Writing is not some weird form of the customer service voice we get when we pick up a spam call. It is an extension of our thoughts, ideas, and selves. Where did this overwhelming demand of unauthentic poise come from? It comes from ourselves. We are setting a standard that we can't reach so we don't have to feel bad about not attaining our goals. Limiting ourselves to the daily grind and settling for the status quo are just nice ways to pad our professional egos. What gems are we holding back because we are fearful of trying something different or new?

So if you are feeling doubtful. Stop. I am here to tell you that your professional experience matters. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been in your profession, at your facility, or if you've never posted on any social media platform. You offer an experience, a strength, and are inspirational to anyone else who deems it so. You will write something that has an impact on someone. That someone could be:

  • Your fellow colleague.
  • A new person considering your profession.
  • The patient.
  • Someone experiencing the same issue.

What is next? ACTION! Let's make a real impact by getting off of the deafening static of message boards. Stop adding to the solutionless chat platforms. If you are ready to have your voice heard about your industry insights, rather than be drowned out by 138 comments on the same feed. Take advantage of Nimble Prep's blog forum to practice and tune your voice. Let’s set some real physical indicators of success. Figure these things out:

  1. Why do I want to write?
  2. What am I scared about when I think of writing?
  3. What is something I have experienced that others may relate to?
  4. What is something I have seen that needs to be brought to light?

Those four questions will determine your writing topic. Yes. Just those four questions will lead you to the focus of all the following words. Here's how my four questions look for this post.

  1. I want to create a space for new industry professionals to voice their concerns.
  2. I am terrible with grammar, spelling, and I can be long winded.
  3. I have personally experienced not having an immediate outlet that allowed me to better myself professionally.
  4. The fear of writing is debilitating and causing my Central Sterile industry's information pipelines to dry up.

That's my honest assessment and topic creating questions. How do you think I did? I want to be available for all of you who want to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. If you want to contribute to this forum. If you are ready to contribute information that may save patient lives. If you are ready to add some articles to your résumé ($$).


Email me, Sarah B. Cruz, at I would be honored to be a part of this professional undertaking.

Final words. You. Got. This.

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